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What is Letting Grow?

Letting Grow is a non-profit organisation that aims to build communities through farming. 

By creating urban and rural farming hubs across the UK and eventually the world, we will bring people together to grow and celebrate organic local produce. This organic local produce will then be provided to local businesses.

Letting Grow is a reaction to the ever growing super farms and mono crops we see all over the world. Utilising permaculture, biodynamic and forest farming techniques to grow seasonal fruit and veg. The farms will act as a platform to educate schools and members of the public on the beauty and health benefits of growing and cooking your own food.

Our mantra is Grow, Cook, Live: Grow organic, Cook healthy and Live happy.

Our Mission

Co-operative organic working forest farms will be at the centre of our organisation. 

The proceeds from these farms will be used to provide jobs, educational workshops and volunteer schemes for anyone that wishes to get involved. From teaching farming techniques to running cooking courses we want to make farming accessible and exciting for all.

On the farms we want to highlight and showcase the possibilities of living off-grid and to promote ‘one-planet’ principles. These principles work as a guideline for ensuring a fully sustainable organisation and a greener planet.

Letting Grow’s ultimate vision is to provide affordable off grid housing for staff local to the farms.


To create a sustainable community.

Grow beautiful organic produce using permaculture techniques.

Run workshops and courses to educate and celebrate growing your own food.

Respect nature.

Promote off-grid living.

Embrace ‘one-planet’ principles.