our ultimate vision is to re-forest the planet


we have decided that in order to do this we must start on our doorstep and engage the public and school children on how beneficial green spaces are for the planet

we hope to shift the consciousness towards working more with nature and moving away from the office

as we are london based and both come from office jobs we wanted to first start re-greening the city but we have a much bigger vision that we are striving towards:

Co-operative organic working forest farms

The proceeds from these farms will be used to provide jobs, educational workshops and volunteer schemes for anyone that wishes to get involved. From teaching farming techniques to running cooking courses we want to make farming accessible and exciting for all

On the farms we  want to highlight and showcase the possibilities of living off-grid and to promote  ‘one-planet’ principles. These principles work as a guideline for ensuring a fully sustainable organisation and a greener planet

we would like to be able provide affordable off-grid housing for staff local to the farms


To create a sustainable community

Grow beautiful organic produce using permaculture techniques

Run workshops and courses to educate and celebrate growing your own food

Respect nature

Promote off-grid living

Embrace ‘one-planet’ principles