Meet The Team

Ross Walker & Hannah Niskanen - Co-FOUNDERS

Ross and Hannah started Letting Grow over a mutual love for plants, vegan cooking and a shared concern for the planet


Ross walker

Ross is the lead gardener for the project zero allotment space, he has dedicated most of the year to regenerating the allotment and what a difference it has made!

Ross spent the last 5 years as a producer for a series of post-production houses

He decided to move away from this path and to pursue a career that engaged more with his local community

As a bikeability teacher he mainly works with primary schools


“i go to many primary schools in london and one thing i realise is missing in so many playgrounds and class rooms is plants. i work with children weekly and i realise how engaged they can be if you make a lesson more physical. we run workshops that really engage the children so that they can get their hands dirty and have fun growing vegetables in their own classrooms. this is also a great way to supplement their diet with the fruit and vegetables they have grown. ”


Hannah Niskanen

She has over 7 years experience designing and project managing spaces for a range of major west-end retailers, public spaces and restaurants.

She found she most joy in the spaces that used an abundance of plants and natural elements


“Plants have a soothing effect on my mind and I want  to be able to give that opportunity to others. I feel not only do they give a space a soul but also something to nurture and engage with. Plants are also great air cleaners so I believe that any public space, particularly in cities, should be packed with greenery”