edible green spaces


we believe The world is better when covered in green

we aim to create edible green spaces to help people learn about the natural world

Outdoor green spaces and interior green walls not only look beautiful there are health benefits associated with introducing plants into school, offices and homes

plants helps relieve stress and are also great at cleaning the air

we want to promote interaction and engagement with the spaces we create - what better way than creating an edible landscape?

we want to share the joy of growing and eating locally grown produce

what can we offer

Bespoke design, build and installation of: 

vertical farming unit1.png

Internal edible green walls for classrooms and office spaces


Green screen walls for external railings


Outdoor allotments for playgrounds and gardens


if you have a space you would like to create into an edible landscape we will engineer the solution for you!


Maintenance of plants:

contract for bi-monthly plant maintenance



  a variety of workshops to help engage students and the public with plants and nature

we work with a team of specialists to create bespoke solutions for your all your green space needs

For more information on our services please feel free to email

hannah@lettinggrow.com or ross@lettinggrow.com